Permanent public artwork commissioned by the City of Boston. Project Budget $210,000.

Artwork in historically significant, culturally diverse & traffic-dominated intersection. The 12' Clapp pear monument recalls the area’s past as a fruit orchard where Clapp pears were first grown in 1840. Ten smaller sculptures commemorate the experiences of Dorchester residents across time. Project involved extensive outreach to historical groups, civic associations, and Bricklayers' union.


“A remarkable effort that has changed Dorchester.”
Boston City Councilor Maureen Feeney

“The artwork brought us so much.”
State Senator Martin Walsh

“I never knew what happened here!”
Malcolm, 12-yr-old resident

“The original Clapp Pear has a really tough skin, but on the inside it is as sweet as butter. A great metaphor for Dorchester.”
Laura Baring-Gould, Artist