In Collaboration with Michael Dowling.
Temporary public art project commissioned
by the Institute of Contemporary Art and
Boston National Historic Parks.

Sculptures at four historic meetinghouses along Bostonís Freedom Trail with a final installation of a copper meetinghouse on a 110' barge at the Charlestown Navy Yard. Artwork inspired by the legacy of difficult conversations within Bostonís historical past, and celebrated the inspiration offered by each. Project collaboration with Paul Revere House, African Meeting House, Old South Meetinghouse, Cobbís Hill Burial Ground, and U.S. Navy.


Conspire exemplified installation art at its best form: work that springs from its environment to focuses on the sensibilities or ideas that are already there.
Marty Carlock, Sculpture Magazine

“The Experience is Ceremonial.”
Christine Temin, Boston Globe

• Art in Public Places Award, Americans
  for the Arts